Latest Releases

Adam + Attack by Fire - Affirmation, Pt. X
Manic Mouth - Another Saturday Nite
Baron Von Yus - Baron Von Yus
About Frank - Dreams Are Reality (Dedicated to Niels & Celina)
Shere Thu Thuy - I've Got a Crush on You
Love Stallion - Hot to Trot (Explicit)Contains explicit content
The High 70s - Glitter Box (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Spelz - The Werewolves of Brooklyn
Carinetta Sataness - Crook
Nikki Schaeffer - Superfly
Superpink - Oh, Marianna
The Derellas - Something's Got to Give
The Last Look - Four Loves
The Frogs - 1st (Supreme Deluxe Edition) (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Peppermint Pumpkin - Prism Rock City
Ricky's Rebel Rabble - The Molly 2021 Song Supporting Scope Ricky's Rebel Rabble
Tom Sherlock & John McGarey - Magicians of the Night
The High 70s - Glitter Box
The Fill Ins - Wild Ride
Moon in the Milk - Space Jam
Crosson - Live at the Orpheum
The Exprats - Midwife Crisis
James Golding - Supernatural Glam
Washington Social Club - Drunk and Dreaming
Brentley Gore - Stoke the Fire
Fractal Experience - Fractal Experience
Shane Vain - The One
The One Shane Vain 2021
Lisa Trinity - Venom
Venom Lisa Trinity 2021
Reme - Reme
Reme Reme 2021
Side Chick - Show Me How You Like It
Clone - Midnight Satellite Glitter Machine
Orkídeas Susurrantezzz - Confinados
Circuit Breaker - Pinto
Andrew Vine - The Go Go Lifestyle