Latest Releases

Pablo Habitual - Qualia
Relespública - Sem Ninguém ao Lado
Punk Rock Workout - Le Deceptacon Tabata 200 Bpm 45/15 (feat. Deia Marinho)
Crazy Sally - Yourself
The Chelsea Curve - Girl Cavedog
Steve Bardwil Band - Yesterday This Yesterday That
Anna Over - H Condition
Uncle Pumpkin - Underwhelmed
Maximus Wrex - Smitten
The Choice Few - One Way Streets (Explicit)Contains explicit content
The Lovedays - The Key to the Trapdoor
Chipper Chadbourne - Red White and Blue (Remix)
The Eddies - Waiting
Waiting The Eddies 2020
Bravata - Pray for Today (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Pablo Habitual - Qualia ii
Provost - Out of the Shadows
Relespública - As Histórias São Iguais (Remaster)
Julian Brooks & Paris King - Tell Me
Noir Dream - Undemise
Pablo Habitual - Qualia I
Clockwork Flowers - Whatever the Weather
Madmän - Don't Let Me Go
Os Lazies - Julieta e Romeu (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Chemical Casino - Chemistry for Beginners
Atoms - Most Dangerous Person
Mind and Gum - Indigo
Honey & Wax - The Good Book
Malcolm Baxter - It's Not as Easy
Declan McNulty - The Man Who Didn't Know (feat. Louise McNulty)
White Mansion - Clear Your Head
The Smart Folk - Yesterday Repeating (Explicit)Contains explicit content
The Moat Rats - Fool’s Gold
Robber’s Ball - Me Show You To EP
Ellis in Transit - The Right Thing
The Aim - Feel Like Getting High (Explicit)Contains explicit content