Latest Releases

Holy Swing - To the Burn and Turn of Time
Make You Cry - Can You Wait? (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Jimmy Lo Fi - Dull Boy (Explicit)Contains explicit content
out of service - Chemicals (feat. William J. Conn Jr.)
closure. - Something About the Past
Tragic Tuesday - Happiness Test: Me vs My Uber Driver
Happiness Junkies - Miss You Like Crazy
The Mammoth Who Flew - Miserable - EP
Beach Holiday - Anchor
Zen Haircuts - Why Are All My Plants Dead? (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Indigo North - Overcast (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Queen Vulture - Queen Vulture
Subtleties - Barely You (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Drag Daze - Drag Daze (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Wthcnvctn - Chemical Camouflage
Stalgic - Confinement
Boatweiler - Boatweiler
Funeral Flowers - Sleep No More
Moon Heist - Silhouette
Behind the Beautiful - Still Love Me
Drag Daze - Dog Eared Pages
Short Fictions - Really Like You
CVLTVRE - All Life Is, Act 1: An Act of Letting Go (Explicit)Contains explicit content
The Goodbye Forevers - Get Home Safe
Others - Strange Rituals (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Drive Theory - Keep Up (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Caravan Havana - Remedio Nocturno para Tu Recuerdo
Dylan Debiase - At Best
Ben Senses - Where You Stood